Monday, November 3, 2008

New Movies This Week

Two more movie additions. They may not be the best movies in the world, but at least they have recognizable stars and will appeal to niche audiences...

What does a movie with Freddie Prinze Jr. and four amorous supermodels need? Potty humor, says the producer of Head Over Heels. I haven't seen this terrible-looking crapfest, and based on the 10% approval rating over at , I'm not planning on it. This might be a guilty pleasure for those who can't get enough of Prinze's forays into bottom of the barrel romantic comedies, but the rest of us can just pretend this movie never happened.

Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston star in this baseball drama, which was directed by Sam Raimi. Costner + Raimi + baseball must have seemed like a formula for box office gold, but it opened to faint praise by critics. The story is pure schmaltz-- Costner is the aging pitcher, with all of the spirit and wits, but none of the strength of his youth. It's his last game, and he's pitching strike after strike. In between pitches, he's reminiscing about his love affair with Kelly Preston. The climax is obvious from the opening minutes, but the comfortable marriage of sports cliche and romance cliche gives us an enjoyable, if uneventful, ride.

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