Monday, November 24, 2008

New Show: The Steve Wilkos Show

Episodes: None
Clips: 26 clips, most of which are 1-2 minutes in length
Studio: NBC Universal
Rank: F
Oh Gawd. I knew daytime talk could get bad, but I didn't realize it could get this bad. Steve Wilkos is the head tough on the Jerry Springer show-- that means that he jumps into the line of fire when a fight breaks out, bravely facing ginormous acrylic fingernails and all sorts of poorly-covered body parts of unusual dimensions.

When Steve was playing this role in the early Springer days, I kind of liked the guy (I also like Springer's Reverend Schnorr, whose relative I became last year. True story.).

But now Steve has opened his big stupid mouth and ruined everything. He's like a dumber, louder version of Dr. Phil, which seems impossible, I know. I only watched one segment, and it was enough to curdle my blood.

The clip was about a man whose wife had cheated on him while he was away in the military. Steve asked the guy softball questions that portrayed the infidelity in the worst possible light. Then he brought out the cheating wife, and tried to browbeat her into signing over custody of her daughter. According to jackass Steve, the wife was undermining the US military, because the guy couldn't concentrate on his "missions" in Iraq while she was being such an unreasonable whore. She ultimately refused to sign over her daughter (and Hello! He's fighting in Iraq! Isn't that a little incompatible with single parenting!?!?), so bully for her.

Steve Wilkos, you have ruined the good name of Jerry Springer in the arena of daytime talk. This is the worst show I've seen in a good, long while.
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