Tuesday, November 18, 2008

D-Listers Duke it out for Best Celebrity-Driven Reality Show


We've gone from 29 eligible shows to 14 proposed nominees. The celebs who were roundly snubbed by our panelists include Janice Dickinson, Pamela Anderson, and that Millionaire Matchmaker chick (who is great to watch in the sense that I love to hate her).

Hulu Review readers and the general public can vote on their pick in the comments section of this post. The total audience vote will have the weight of one panel member.

The final nominee list is coming soon!


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Anonymous said...

tori and dean

Anonymous said...

Kitchen Nightmares gets my vote. Highly entertaining, educational, and inspirational. I love watching highly successful and passionate entrepreneurs, such as Gordon Ramsey, doing their thing.

-Bryan, Melvindale, MI.

Anonymous said...

without a doubt, Kitchen Nightmares.
i don't really watch TV, but this show has me seriously addicted.
it doesn't even matter that each episode follows the same basic arc. It is so fascinating to me to see the many aspects of running a real restaurant. And knowing that so many places I've probably eaten at (and at least one that I really HAVE eaten at!) have atrocious kitchens! Ramsay knows his craft so it's a pleasure to watch him try to tutor others, to varying degrees of success. I'm really diggin' the show.

Joseph Abraham said...

I love Kitchen Nightmares!